EXCLUSIVE: Bible Media News interviews top student Albert Venter and how God helped him through the tough year

Bible Media did an interview with top matric student from 2021 from a small town in Upington. He told us more about his journey to become the person he is today and also the struggles he went through. 

“I am Albert Venter and I’m from the desert town in the Northern Cape, Upington. I attended Duineveld High because of their great academic history and because I live across the school. My passions include watching series, spending time with animals and reading the Guinness World Record books.

“I achieved 6 distinction in the NSC exam and slightly missed the seventh one for Mathematics.

” I definitely believe that God played a very important role in my matric year. At the beginning of the year my mental health declined rabidly due to stress and the impact of the pandemic. I really struggled for the first half of the year. In my record exams my father was also rushed to Bloemfontein with an ambulance due to Covid 19 complications. A few days before my NSC physics exam, our family dog also became paralyzed and had to be put down. I prayed every night to God to help me get through this horrible time. I asked him to help me stay focused and motivated and also to take the pain away and to stop worrying. He truelly came through for me and I successfully completed my exams with several distinctions.

“I am going to study BChD (dentistry) at the University of Pretoria this year. My home for the year will be the male health sciences residence, House Ukuthula.” 

“I am so incredibly proud of you that despite the difficult year you have had, you were able to push through to achieve your dreams,” his mom commented. 

Photo: Instagram

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